Earth Angel - reconnect and restore harmony


Personal and Planetary Healing

It is time to reconnect with ourselves, our planet and our true nature

It is time to honour and celebrate the beauty and magic of this amazing planet

It is time to take our place as conscious caretakers and co creators of our world

Earth Angel invites you to awaken to a new experience of life on planet earth



How do we create a new experience, a new reality. How do we co-create Heaven on Earth?…

We start with ourselves. Going within,… healing our wounds,… being willing to let go of the limited mindset we have existed within,… being willing to remember the truth of who we really are, and being willing to allow ourselves to be reshaped, reformed and reunited with our God Self. From this place of higher consciousness we will and we are creating a better world.

We all have our own way of doing this and our own timing, just as we do with any birthing process. No two journeys are the same, though there are similarities with all.

This website is an offering of services that may be useful to you on your journey, and information and wisdom that may inspire and reassure you when the going gets tough or the path seems unclear.