A Christed State of Being

 A “Christed” State of Being

I found myself this morning in a most beautiful state of being. The words that came through as I drifted in this state were – “A Christed State of Being.”

At the time I was processing some very hectic panic, a body memory from childhood trauma. It was very challenging to stay with and breathe through, even for seasoned inner traveller like me. There was a point where the release became very strong and the guidance was.. to just let go completely – let go control and as I did so, and allowed my body to shake and release, I moved into this beautiful state of peace and bliss.

My consciousness spiralled up on the left side particularly and there it was. This place, for want of a better word that felt like heaven and I said to myself – “this is heaven on earth……this is me experiencing heaven on earth”

It is not the first time I have been there and I am sure it will not be the last. I am guided that it is an alignment that we are all shifting into as part of the great awakening that is taking place on the planet and within Humanity at this time.

This was a deeply personal and sacred experience which, I rarely ever share and especially not post on a public forum, but I am guided to do so, not from a place of ego looking for recognition but rather from a place of surrender and honouring my inner guidance – the voice of the soul.

I do not personally know what good, if any can come from posting this but I trust the energy that guides me is the Loving Heart of the Universe that knows all and guides all in harmony and love. Perhaps it can speak to others who may be traversing the often challenging journey of healing old trauma. There are amazing gifts to be found on that journey.

I haven’t posted for a long time as I have been in a state of radical transition and transformation on all levels of my being. I hope to continue with this line of communication and to share more on the awakening of the Collective Christ Consciousness in Humanity.

In Love and Peace

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