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About Energy Work

The physical world which we perceive as solid is, at a deeper level comprised of smaller particles which quantum physics has now confirmed as energy and light. This is, of course, what healers, shamans and many indigenous cultures have known and worked with for millennia. The physical reality grows on, or springs from the energetic level, so when we correct, clear, balance or harmonise at the energy level this has a flow on effect in our physical reality. Sometimes we still need to support the physical healing with some form of action as in taking herbs or correcting diet or in the case of the earth tending to the soil, ceasing destructive practices etc. Energy work or Energy Healing is the deepest level of healing that we can access and is necessary to have lasting change in any condition.

I was always skeptical of ‘energy work’ but from my first session with Meg I was opened to a whole new world” – Simon

My Energy work Journey

I began intuiting and feeling energy as an adult about 25 years ago. At the time, I was opening up to healing energies for myself and for my children, I began to be aware of the bush spirits and aboriginal spirits as I would walk through the bush and started to have communication with them. When I moved to the Blue Mountains in 2000, these experiences increased and my abilities expanded and became more tuned. It was like I was being trained or awakened to abilities that had previously laid dormant in my system. At that time also a powerful form of energy starting coming through me particularly when I was connecting with the earth. This energy would seemingly come from high up above my head and come down through me into the earth and spread as far and wide as I could feel. I refer to this vibration as High Vibrational Energy.

I would then be guided, as I travelled, to stop in particular places where I could feel there was disharmony within the earth, often due to the mistreatment and traumatic events of the aboriginal people, but also anywhere that the earth has been mistreated, and with sound, movement and the channelling of energy to clear and harmonise the energy.

Working with the earth in this way is really no different to doing healing work with a person, just on a larger scale. I have been a channel of this type of work for 20 years and understand it now as part of a higher purpose to assist with the grounding of higher energies on earth and in particular the anchoring of the higher vibration of the feminine energy. This in turn involves the healing and harmonising of the wounds of the individual and collective feminine.

My love for this planet is beyond words.  My vision and dream for this world is to see humanity awaken to our highest potential. To change the destructive tendencies and ignorant abuse of the planet, the feminine and the indigenous cultures. I yearn for the day, when these aspects of life are given the respect and honour they have so long been denied; and to see the sacredness, beauty and magic of life and this glorious planet appreciated, honoured and celebrated.

If you are on a similar path or would like to learn more about this type of work please contact me and or check out the other resources available on this website.