Barefoot Walking on the Earth

barefootBarefoot walking on the earth – a treatment for stress, insomnia, low energy, depression, anxiety, and much, much more.

Are you suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder?  If so, take off your shoes and go for a walk.

There are so many delicious reasons for walking barefoot on the earth, but first and foremost it just feels good.

It gives your feet a rich and stimulating sensual experience that tickles and massages all the nerve endings which travel up through your body, through all your organs and systems, awakening and soothing, rejuvenating and balancing as the beautiful energy of the earth travels through.

When you walk barefoot, you walk differently to when you are in shoes. You walk lighter and with more awareness and more movement in the joints above your feet. Try it now and compare. Walking in a pair of shoes and then walking in barefeet. We tend to clomp more when we are in shoes and there is less muscle use in the legs and upper body. In barefeet I find I get a rolling wave like motion going up the whole body that doesn’t happen quite as much as when I am in shoes.

For me it brings on a feeling of joy.

Initially it grounds me if I am caught up in my head. It brings me down into my heart and “down to earth.” It relaxes any tension I am carrying,  and then comes a feeling of childlike delight as I feel the earth, the different textures and terrains as they meet the souls of my feet.

Then I start a conversation with the earth.  She knows me and feels me as I walk on her surface. It is a meeting of the two beings skin to skin.   I feel her strong and gentle presence as the mother that she is. And then I feel playful, light, free and energised. This leads me to the next  reason for walking on the earth barefoot –

It is a simple and easy way to take time  to appreciate and love this gorgeous being our planet and time for her to love and nurture us.  She is always loving and nurturing us but we often don’t take the time to receive it and appreciate it. Imagine that, this amazing, awesome being, at our feet just wanting to give us love and energy and we are wandering around most of the time unaware and disconnected from it… Well not this bunny.

Preferably pick a place where you can walk on grass with no bindies, or sand or soft earth.  Really tune in to the sensory experience of the feet. Be present, connect with the earth, connect with yourself, and enjoy.

I recommend it as a daily dose of earth connection for health, happiness and joyful delight.



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