A Christed State of Being

 A “Christed” State of Being

I found myself this morning in a most beautiful state of being. The words that came through as I drifted in this state were – “A Christed State of Being.”

At the time I was processing some very hectic panic, a body memory from childhood trauma. It was very challenging to stay with and breathe through, even for seasoned inner traveller like me. There was a point where the release became very strong and the guidance was.. to just let go completely – let go control and as I did so, and allowed my body to shake and release, I moved into this beautiful state of peace and bliss.

My consciousness spiralled up on the left side particularly and there it was. This place, for want of a better word that felt like heaven and I said to myself – “this is heaven on earth……this is me experiencing heaven on earth”

It is not the first time I have been there and I am sure it will not be the last. I am guided that it is an alignment that we are all shifting into as part of the great awakening that is taking place on the planet and within Humanity at this time.

This was a deeply personal and sacred experience which, I rarely ever share and especially not post on a public forum, but I am guided to do so, not from a place of ego looking for recognition but rather from a place of surrender and honouring my inner guidance – the voice of the soul.

I do not personally know what good, if any can come from posting this but I trust the energy that guides me is the Loving Heart of the Universe that knows all and guides all in harmony and love. Perhaps it can speak to others who may be traversing the often challenging journey of healing old trauma. There are amazing gifts to be found on that journey.

I haven’t posted for a long time as I have been in a state of radical transition and transformation on all levels of my being. I hope to continue with this line of communication and to share more on the awakening of the Collective Christ Consciousness in Humanity.

In Love and Peace

Chem Trails – A Positive Spin

Hello beautiful world. I was just down at the beach enjoying a walk and a swim and I looked up to see some chem trails in the sky above, which of course is a pretty common sight these days.
I am not big into chem trails, preferring not to give too much energy to anything of a negative nature, but I have read some disturbing articles over the years about the effects and at times I have experienced some of the not so pleasant symptoms of chem trails.
But today, when i saw them I thought well how can we use this for good. As everything we perceive in this crazy set up we call life can be used for good. So I sent all my love and joy and good feelings into the chem trail to be spread far and wide and to neutralise any of the negative effects and thought forms attached to it. Then it occurred to me that if a good many people did the same, we might just put an end to the negative impact and actually put these chem trails to good use.
So anytime you see some chem trails, instead of cursing or feeling disempowered that they are there spreading nasties into our atmosphere, send all the love and blessings you can muster into them to be deposited far and wide. Fill them with positive affirmations and thought forms. Imagine beautiful energies, angels, stars, colours, lights. Let your imagination run wild.. And enjoy
Blessings and Love


John Lennon


What if we are so powerful with our hearts and minds aligned that we could imagine and create the world exactly as we want it to be or better?
What if the only reason that we have the negative experience of the world right now, eg – climate change, war, poverty, the ruling elite etc, is because somewhere in our subconscious, the collective subconscious, we are creating exactly that.
Experiences and situations can only exist in physical form as a result of creation from the level of thoughts and beliefs. So if we do not want what we are experiencing then we have some cleaning up to do in this area.
This self destruct experience that humanity seems bent upon may be coming from subconscious self doubt, guilt, self hatred or belief that we don’t deserve to live in peace and harmony.
What if it is as simple as changing the channel on the TV from the violent, scary movie to a beautiful love filled, joyful show.
“Energy flows where attention goes” So if we want a different world we need to stop putting so much of our attention on the drama and shift it to how we would like it to be.
Isn’t it interesting that so many people are attracted to violence and drama. Take a look at the content of television shows Maybe part of the change involves a healing of the attraction to that which we don’t want.
What if all we have to do to change the world is to…….


from a place of knowing that we are indeed GOOD (of God) and that we do indeed deserve good things.
Sooooo …. Lets have some fun with this.
IMAGINE that Donald Trump has an awakening and turns into a treehugging earth loving, peace loving hippie. No disrespect intended.
IMAGINE that all the politicians got in touch with their sensitive side and their inner peace loving hippy and started realizing that we need to stop cutting down forests and operating coal mines and start putting the focus of renewable energy and caring for the earth.
IMAGINE If they introduced the practise of meditating before they started discussing things in Parliament.
IMAGINE the ruling elite, the Rothschilds and the like having an awakening experience and giving back all or most of their accumulated wealth into the system to flow amongst all of humanity.
IMAGINE …… now you try. Make it fun, light and easy. No harmful thoughts to anyone or anything. Only positive, life affirming, joyful, and loving thoughts.
Maybe we could start forming Imagineering groups where we just dream up, imagine and create a new and better experience of life on Planet Earth and put all these positive vibrations out there into the ether to be picked up by the creative energies and manifested.
Try it right now. Take one situation in the world that bugs you, that you would like to see change. Now imagine a better picture. Don’t let your logical mind get in the way. You don’t have to know how to create it or any of the details. Just get the picture of a better way and the feeling of how that feels.
Its light, its fun, it is in the interests of greater good and who knows it might just work.
In the words John Lennon






Loving Earth – Earth Day Every Day

Loving Earth

It was so lovely to see and feel the showerings of love on Mother Earth on Friday 22nd of April – EARTH DAY. I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t know before hand it was Earth Day, but I could feel the energy surge on the planet that day with humanity showing its love and gratitude for the Earth.
Lets face it – what mother doesn’t love it when her children say thanks.
It inspired me to write this blog and to float the idea out there that we make everyday EARTH DAY. It really doesn’t take much to spend some time giving thanks to this beautiful amazing being who gives so much to us everyday.
Here are some simple ideas to make every day EARTH DAY
  • First thing in the morning before you start your daily routine. Take a moment to look outside and appreciate the earth around you. Feel it, Bless it, Love it.
  • As you go throughout your day, be aware of the earth around you. If you are walking to the bus or train, notice the trees and plants on the way, even if it is a tiny flower poking through the concrete. Say a silent thankyou as you pass them.
  • Be aware of the sounds of nature anytime during your day. Take a moment to appreciate the song of a bird, the sound of the rain, the wind in the trees.
  • Spend some time in the sun, on some grass, connecting physically with the earth
There are a million zillion ways to appreciate this beautiful planet. Find what works for you. You will find that adding this dimension to your day brings you more joy, less stress and a sense of belonging and connection to something greater.
Happy Earth Days xx

Terrorism can only be healed by love

Terrorism will not be defeated by a war on terrorism. Terrorism will only be dissolved by Love. Not love as in being encouraged or praised or allowed to go unchecked. But the unconditional Love of a parent who continues to love the child who has stepped out of line.
Those who partake in terrorism must be loved. This is the only way to
completely dismantle this distorted aspect of our humanity. I say ours because, in truth we are all one. Therefore we are all in this together.
This may be an uncomfortable concept, but it is also an empowering one. Because if we are all one, and if we can really grasp what this means, we then have the ability to respond, ie take responsibility for our part. And then we can and we will heal it. And by heal it I mean completely dismantle the energetic pattern of terrorism in the human collective consciousness, bringing all aspects back to their original form of pure unconditional love. This will create a different reality.
Our prayers rightly are being directed towards those who have lost loved ones and those who have been injured or effected in anyway AND our prayers also need to go to those who have strayed so far form Love that they plan and perform such acts of violence. Beaming Love at them can only have one effect and that is to guide them to a better place.
I realise this is a big ask for many people and especially to anyone closely involved, but for those of us who can grasp this concept, and who have some distance from the direct trauma, it will serve humanity and all those involved to engage and respond in a loving way.
We are all one.
Hatred will not be healed by hatred. It can only be healed by Love.
For more information on these principles look at Ho opono opono, an ancient Hawaiian technique for creating peace. See an article here



Barefoot Walking on the Earth

barefootBarefoot walking on the earth – a treatment for stress, insomnia, low energy, depression, anxiety, and much, much more.

Are you suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder?  If so, take off your shoes and go for a walk.

There are so many delicious reasons for walking barefoot on the earth, but first and foremost it just feels good.

It gives your feet a rich and stimulating sensual experience that tickles and massages all the nerve endings which travel up through your body, through all your organs and systems, awakening and soothing, rejuvenating and balancing as the beautiful energy of the earth travels through.

When you walk barefoot, you walk differently to when you are in shoes. You walk lighter and with more awareness and more movement in the joints above your feet. Try it now and compare. Walking in a pair of shoes and then walking in barefeet. We tend to clomp more when we are in shoes and there is less muscle use in the legs and upper body. In barefeet I find I get a rolling wave like motion going up the whole body that doesn’t happen quite as much as when I am in shoes.

For me it brings on a feeling of joy.

Initially it grounds me if I am caught up in my head. It brings me down into my heart and “down to earth.” It relaxes any tension I am carrying,  and then comes a feeling of childlike delight as I feel the earth, the different textures and terrains as they meet the souls of my feet.

Then I start a conversation with the earth.  She knows me and feels me as I walk on her surface. It is a meeting of the two beings skin to skin.   I feel her strong and gentle presence as the mother that she is. And then I feel playful, light, free and energised. This leads me to the next  reason for walking on the earth barefoot –

It is a simple and easy way to take time  to appreciate and love this gorgeous being our planet and time for her to love and nurture us.  She is always loving and nurturing us but we often don’t take the time to receive it and appreciate it. Imagine that, this amazing, awesome being, at our feet just wanting to give us love and energy and we are wandering around most of the time unaware and disconnected from it… Well not this bunny.

Preferably pick a place where you can walk on grass with no bindies, or sand or soft earth.  Really tune in to the sensory experience of the feet. Be present, connect with the earth, connect with yourself, and enjoy.

I recommend it as a daily dose of earth connection for health, happiness and joyful delight.



Conscious Eating

I found myself in a lovely inner space yesterday as I prepared my evening meal. And as I ate my dinner I was really conscious of each mouthful and everything around me and inside of me, as it was happening. I was 100% present as I ate my food and grateful for each and every ingredient and all the different tastes and textures. It was a sublime experience and I found that I didn’t really need to eat much to be full.

Try it next time you sit to eat.

Eat in silence or mostly. Give thanks before and during the meal. Be 100% present with each mouthful and really taste and feel the textures of everything that is in your mouth.

Eat very slowly. Slow everything down, your chewing your swallowing, your breathing. And just be grateful that you have this food to eat. Think about the earth and other beings growing this food for you. And all the beings that helped to bring this food to your table. You can go through and thank all those if you feel to. The farmer who grew the food the harvesters, the truck driver who transported the food. The person in the grocery store who put it on the shelves. And you can imagine and that each person played their part with love adding energy and goodness to the food.

You will reach a stage where you just know you have had enough. And don’t be surprised if it is much less than what you would normally eat. Stay with this state of consciousness as long as you can.

Enjoy xx

Natural Bridge National Park

If you haven’t already, go check this out. It’s a beautiful walk through the rainforest, down to this naturally formed cave and bridge. A truly magical feel to it.

The entrance to the park is only 1km off the road from Murwillumbah to Brisbane near Springbrook and the walk is an easy 1 hr return. So much beauty close to home.

Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park is a most unusual geological feature created over millions of years by water tumbling through the roof of a basalt cave. Natural Bridge is home to an amazing colony of glow-worms, whose lights can be seen only after sunset. Lookouts and lush rainforest also grace this part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area.

Oh the joy of swimming in the ocean.

Oh the joy of swimming in the ocean. I just got back from the most gorgeous swim. Bubbling water, rolling waves, tingling skin, diving splashing and rolling around  in the beautiful water. Thankyou beautiful ocean. Thankyou beautiful earth. How could we do anything but love this planet.


So what does it mean for the feminine energy to take the reigns of our way of being?

So what does it mean for the feminine energy to take the reigns of our way of being?

My understanding is that we will see, (we are already seeing), a shift in priorities of what is important to us. For example the earth and environment take a much needed jump in priority. So too will the importance of family life and community minded living. Already many people are opting for a simpler life that makes time for quality lifestyle, such as having time with children, a better balance of work and relaxation time,  leaving behind the hectic pace of overwork and squeezing as much in as possible.

There is a shift from an “every man for himself attitude” to one of “what is for the highest good of all.” We are seeing this in the form of community funded projects, environmental and ethical issues that are being addressed with help from the social media and fuelled by people power. No longer can the “big man” at the top rule the day. There is too much transparency for corruption and questionable motives to be allowed to distort the natural flow and inherent goodness that is our true nature.

This is very different to the feminist movement, which was largely about women stepping into the man’s world. This for the most part meant they had to masculinise, which meant they had to to some extent, shut down their nautral feminine impulses. Though this is seemingly a negative aspect of the feminist movement it was part of a necessary step to where we are going now. It has seen women strengthen and grow in confidence and personal power. It has also asked women to find a more balanced inner environment, where they have had to juggle both the feminine nurturing role and the masculine breadwinner role. No small task. And many, many women have achieved this miraculously and powerfully. Now it is time to transform the man’s world to a more balanced world where the feminine can exist more comfortably and naturally in her softness, her generosity and her grace. This will allow men also and the world to shift into a less hostile, competitive, aggressive inner and outer environment and will guide us all into a more harmonious place where feminine and masculine come together in unity and live in harmony. This can only be a good thing for us all.