Chem Trails – A Positive Spin

Hello beautiful world. I was just down at the beach enjoying a walk and a swim and I looked up to see some chem trails in the sky above, which of course is a pretty common sight these days.
I am not big into chem trails, preferring not to give too much energy to anything of a negative nature, but I have read some disturbing articles over the years about the effects and at times I have experienced some of the not so pleasant symptoms of chem trails.
But today, when i saw them I thought well how can we use this for good. As everything we perceive in this crazy set up we call life can be used for good. So I sent all my love and joy and good feelings into the chem trail to be spread far and wide and to neutralise any of the negative effects and thought forms attached to it. Then it occurred to me that if a good many people did the same, we might just put an end to the negative impact and actually put these chem trails to good use.
So anytime you see some chem trails, instead of cursing or feeling disempowered that they are there spreading nasties into our atmosphere, send all the love and blessings you can muster into them to be deposited far and wide. Fill them with positive affirmations and thought forms. Imagine beautiful energies, angels, stars, colours, lights. Let your imagination run wild.. And enjoy
Blessings and Love

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