Conscious Eating

I found myself in a lovely inner space yesterday as I prepared my evening meal. And as I ate my dinner I was really conscious of each mouthful and everything around me and inside of me, as it was happening. I was 100% present as I ate my food and grateful for each and every ingredient and all the different tastes and textures. It was a sublime experience and I found that I didn’t really need to eat much to be full.

Try it next time you sit to eat.

Eat in silence or mostly. Give thanks before and during the meal. Be 100% present with each mouthful and really taste and feel the textures of everything that is in your mouth.

Eat very slowly. Slow everything down, your chewing your swallowing, your breathing. And just be grateful that you have this food to eat. Think about the earth and other beings growing this food for you. And all the beings that helped to bring this food to your table. You can go through and thank all those if you feel to. The farmer who grew the food the harvesters, the truck driver who transported the food. The person in the grocery store who put it on the shelves. And you can imagine and that each person played their part with love adding energy and goodness to the food.

You will reach a stage where you just know you have had enough. And don’t be surprised if it is much less than what you would normally eat. Stay with this state of consciousness as long as you can.

Enjoy xx

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