Earth Angel - earth energy healing

Earth Energy Healing

Earth Energy healing is a method of working with the earth and divine energies to assist the earth and ourselves to shift to an experience of a higher vibration of the love that we are. It is often done in a group where all members of the group are guided to connect to the Earth and the Heavenly energy to act as a conscious bridge between the two so that the divine energies can be anchored into earth to assist in the transition that the earth and all of us here are a part of.

This is a sacred and powerful process that assists with personal and planetary healing.

If you are part of a group and would like to experience Earth Energy Healing, or if you are aware of an unease in the earth at your place of residence or work, or just interested in learning more or participating in this type of work, please contact me for further details. I am also available for private healing and consultations.