Earth – Heart Connection

“Humanity has moved from the womb into the birth canal. This is the time of greatest potential and greatest peril. It behooves all who are aware to redouble their efforts to ground Light on this planet so that the transformation may be successful.” Do not let appearances push you into fear. Ground the Light, Ground Love, Ground the truth of all that you are. Anchor your pure heart energy to the earth and surrender your self to be guided by the forces of love to assist in an easy birth. As with any process the more we fight or struggle against it the more difficult it will be. Long deep breaths are required, wisdom, integrity and intuition are essential, commitment, courage and a pure heart and at the same time a light heartedness that speaks of trust and faith will make for an easier passage.

Earth – Heart Reconnection

We are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. As conscious beings inhabiting this planet we are the link between the cosmic and the elemental, the manifest and the unmanifest. We are at a level of consciousness now that allows us to co-create Heaven on Earth. We do this by being channels of Divine Love Energy, by owning ourselves as the amazing God/Goddess beings that we are and grounding this reality here on earth.(walking our talk)

The process of waking up has been taking place for many years. Perhaps even since the birth of Christ, who came to show us how to embody, experience and express Christ Consciousness energy on earth. There have been many points of quickening of this process with alignments of planets and outstanding world events especially in the last 10 – 20 years. Its is called many things and means a variety of things to different people.

The Second Coming of Christ ie; the awaking of humanity to the Christ Consciousness Energy within us.

The Apocalypse

The end of time and the end of the world as we know it.

Earth Ascension

An evolutionary leap in consciousness

The Shift of the Ages

Help Rebirth the Earth into a new level of consciousness

Over the next few years this process of moving to a higher level of consciousness will intensify as we shift further in to the higher vibrations. Each one of us is asked to decide whether we choose to be here on and with Mother Earth during this period of transformation – or birthing process of the New Earth and the New Human Way of Being. The more of us who are conscious and able to surrender to this process, the easier and less traumatic it will be.

“Every soul has free will, therefore makes its own choice. Now we may understand the underlying urgency in the universal call for an awakening of as many souls as possible. With or without Man – Earth is on the move. Where human consciousness is not in accord with the process of her expansion, the prophecies of dire circumstances must, of necessity, come to pass. It is Terra’s only way of cleansing and realigning. Yet it need not be this way. The transition of the Age of Fear to the Age of Love may take place without pain and suffering, if we become fully aware of what is actually occurring. This way we may choose consciously to flow with the universal energy, and not against it, thus not only easing but assisting the Earth and humanity in the birthing of a new era.” (God I Am – Peter O Erbe)

If you decide to be a conscious participant – you will be encouraged to:

Cleanse and purify your emotional – physical – spiritual bodies of all lower vibrational frequencies, over a period of time, to lift your vibration and level of consciousness which will in turn help the earth and all those around you. This means going to those places within yourself that you have avoided, skipped over, and shut down. Your physical body will no longer hold low vibrational frequencies of fear, shame, anger, sadness, guilt, rage etc. they must move out. That is why so many people are experiencing pain and discomfort in their physical bodies, even those of us who have been taking care of ourselves, can find we are hitting new areas of blockage in our bodies.

Bodywork is essential, preferably one that allows for the release of emotions and movement of energy. Movement, dance, sound, breathwork and any type of activity that helps move energy and integrate emotions will be of great benefit.

Open your heart to new levels of love that you have never before been able to give, receive and experience, or at least only briefly. This very much includes how we operate in intimate relationships – not a return to the free love era of the 60’s but a mature, resounding commitment to unconditional love that surpasses and goes way beyond our present experience of love in relationship, that is currently largely based on meeting our unmet needs from childhood.

This new level of love is based securely in the knowing that we ourselves are pure unconditional love, and as such do not need to do anything to get this from anyone else. It comes naturally to us and flows naturally from us when we remember that this is the truth of our essence. The process of coming to this, of course involves moving in and out of this knowing. Often we are helped along by life/relationship situations that provide us with the opportunity to really get this.

One of the most useful tools to assist with this process of returning to the true loving beings that we are, is innerchild work. Inner child work allows us to stay in a loving state and with an open heart, no matter what is playing out around us. It helps us to realize that what is playing out is part of our creation to help ourselves heal the wounds of our hearts that are all based in the misperception of separation, the original wound for us all.

Anchor your Heart energy to Earth and claim your place here. This is not a fear based territorial claim. It is a love filled owning of your decision to be here and be a part of the process. It is an honour and a blessing to take this place.

The Earth is an amazing being of great beauty and majesty embodying the true mother energy of unconditional love and nurture for all her children and all beings who come to her. The changes that are taking place on earth at present and those still to come are simply the changes that need to happen for the continuation of her life and therefore her ability to sustain life. As with any living being there are natural, instinctual mechanisms to maintain homeostasis and balance. It is not as many see it, that the earth is angry for the way we have mistreated her and is therefore lashing back at us. She is a neutral and unconditionally loving being. The intense weather patterns and other changes are simply the workings of a living being maintaining life and growing and changing as part of her journey. That is not to say that it is not a worthwhile practice to care for the earth. This is a natural inclination when you are in touch with your true heart energy and allowing it to be the guiding force in your life.

Choose Love

The use of the word Love here refers to pure unconditional Love, the vibration of God, the truth of who we are. Choosing love means that whenever we find ourselves in a situation where we are angry, confused, fearful, blaming, guilty or shamed, we make a conscious decision to recognize that these feelings are based in non truth. And even though we may not be able to feel the truth of Love when we are in these emotions, we choose to surrender these feelings and our response to them over to a higher part of us. Its like a young child finding a box of matches and rather than playing with them, she hands it over to the adult.

There are many techniques to work with emotions so that the negative energy is not passed on in any way Some of these include: emotional processing with a therapist or group, expressing in a safe and controlled environment, grounding, withnessing, breathing and staying present, to name a few. The only thing to watch out for is that you don’t shut down and just bury the feelings in your body. You will usually feel this if you do, by a feeling of discomfort, lowered energy and vitality, or pain.

Surrender your will to be guided by the energy and order of Love Surrender yourself – your talents, abilities, beauty and energy to be of service to the forces of love guiding the planet through this period of transformation. Just your pure intention will allow for this to begin to be an operating principle in your life and when this happens life becomes easier, more joyful and fulfilling, to the extent that we can get ourselves out of the way.

Lighten Up and enjoy the ride

– after all this serious talk, its just as important to not get taken down by the challenges of this time and remember we are beings of infinite joy and love. So when circumstances in your life have reached a crescendo point and nothing is working to clear it just simply ask to be shown a lighter side, and laugh a little or a lot. Silliness, play and being childlike can really help to move you through a difficult spot. When children are nervous or anxious about something they are about to do, they play.

Remember all of this is under the care and guidance of Divine Love and Divine Plan, of which we are a part. We have an Unconditionally Loving Mother and Father watching over us continually and guiding us in ways that create wonderful things for us here on earth, if we will only listen to the voice of Love within us. The more we can surrender to this higher aspect of ourselves, the more we can enjoy and take a more conscious part in co creating Heaven on Earth.

Article by Meg Goggin
Intuitive Healer, Somatic & Subtle Energy Bodywork Practitioner, Earth Energy Worker & High Vibrational Energy Channel

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