Earth Angel - healing circles

Healing Circles


A heart based group process to heal and nourish as we link to earth and higher energies to become channels of universal energy creating a powerful space for healing and connection

A Healing Circle sets up a vortex of energy providing the ideal space to manifest your dreams, shift blockages, heal pain or dis ease, release old beliefs and programs, connect with your higher energies and realign yourself with your highest good

Facilitator Meg Goggin Intuitive Healer, Somatic & Subtle Energy Bodywork Practitioner, Earth Energy Worker & High Vibrational Energy Channel

“Join me in this dynamic life affirming process to accelerate your healing and shift to a higher level of consciousness”

1.5 hours

The Professional Centre, 9 Park Ave, Coffs Harbour

Cost $30 concession available

PH 0414 833 096 or email to Register your interest