Earth Angel - higher consciousness

Higher Consciousness Development

This weekly group will be an introduction to and on going practise in developing your spiritual connection & higher consciousness, assisting you to live life from a different, more loving perspective.

We will cover topics such as

  • Awakening to your higher spiritual self
  • Energy Body awareness & grounding
  • Transcending Emotions – how to use emotions to strengthen and grow
  • Feminine-Masculine balance with in and without
  • New Energy Relationships a whole new ball game
  • The extended Energy System – Awakeing your light/star being. Shifting from Matter Consciousness to Spirit Consciousness
  • Raising your Vibration for personal and planetary health and well being.


“As we are pushed to the limits of what we think we are, we have the opportunity to evolve into new higher aspects of ourselves”

Facilitator Meg Goggin Intuitive Healer, Somatic Bodywork Practitoner, Earth Energy Worker and High Vibrational Channel

Thursday evenings 6.00 – 7.30 76 Pacific Hwy Urunga

Ph 0414 833 096 or email to Register your interest

Cost $40 per session concession available