John Lennon


What if we are so powerful with our hearts and minds aligned that we could imagine and create the world exactly as we want it to be or better?
What if the only reason that we have the negative experience of the world right now, eg – climate change, war, poverty, the ruling elite etc, is because somewhere in our subconscious, the collective subconscious, we are creating exactly that.
Experiences and situations can only exist in physical form as a result of creation from the level of thoughts and beliefs. So if we do not want what we are experiencing then we have some cleaning up to do in this area.
This self destruct experience that humanity seems bent upon may be coming from subconscious self doubt, guilt, self hatred or belief that we don’t deserve to live in peace and harmony.
What if it is as simple as changing the channel on the TV from the violent, scary movie to a beautiful love filled, joyful show.
“Energy flows where attention goes” So if we want a different world we need to stop putting so much of our attention on the drama and shift it to how we would like it to be.
Isn’t it interesting that so many people are attracted to violence and drama. Take a look at the content of television shows Maybe part of the change involves a healing of the attraction to that which we don’t want.
What if all we have to do to change the world is to…….


from a place of knowing that we are indeed GOOD (of God) and that we do indeed deserve good things.
Sooooo …. Lets have some fun with this.
IMAGINE that Donald Trump has an awakening and turns into a treehugging earth loving, peace loving hippie. No disrespect intended.
IMAGINE that all the politicians got in touch with their sensitive side and their inner peace loving hippy and started realizing that we need to stop cutting down forests and operating coal mines and start putting the focus of renewable energy and caring for the earth.
IMAGINE If they introduced the practise of meditating before they started discussing things in Parliament.
IMAGINE the ruling elite, the Rothschilds and the like having an awakening experience and giving back all or most of their accumulated wealth into the system to flow amongst all of humanity.
IMAGINE …… now you try. Make it fun, light and easy. No harmful thoughts to anyone or anything. Only positive, life affirming, joyful, and loving thoughts.
Maybe we could start forming Imagineering groups where we just dream up, imagine and create a new and better experience of life on Planet Earth and put all these positive vibrations out there into the ether to be picked up by the creative energies and manifested.
Try it right now. Take one situation in the world that bugs you, that you would like to see change. Now imagine a better picture. Don’t let your logical mind get in the way. You don’t have to know how to create it or any of the details. Just get the picture of a better way and the feeling of how that feels.
Its light, its fun, it is in the interests of greater good and who knows it might just work.
In the words John Lennon






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