Earth Angel - individual healing sessions

Individual Healing Sessions

Intuitive Energy Healing & Bodywork

Individual Healing sessions may include any of the following. Working intuitively we will be guided to the perfect combination to address your particular needs.

I am currently working from  Bellingen NSW, Australia also covering Coffs Harbour and surrounds. I am also available for consultations via Skype. Please phone or email to arrange an appointment or to discuss further details.

Intuitive Healing & Massage

When we intuit we are feeling our way from a heart space rather than a head space. The heart energy allows us to connect with “knowing”, which is an understanding of people and situations that goes beyond time and space.   When I work with clients in any capacity I will be drawing upon my intuitive healing skills which allows me to follow a direction of healing that is the most beneficial for the client. An intuitive approach allows insight into situations that may otherwise go unnoticed which opens doorways to understanding and resolution of problems that have previously been difficult to shift.

When I work with the body as well as working with the physical structural alignment, musculature and organs, I also tune into the energetic environment of the body. The energy body is the blue print that the physical body follows Before there is a problem in the physical body there is disruption in the energy. Where there is  disruption or blockage I use energy healing as well as the physical massage to assist the flow to return to its natural state.

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Subtle Energy Bodywork

Working dimensionally with the body, this is completely guided energetic healing that works on the physicality and subtle energy bodies, through the dimensions to restore the body to its original vibration of health and wellbeing. Corrects imbalances, removes negative imprints, releases blockages and limiting patterns of incoherent energy. This is very high vibrational energy work that simply comes through when the time is right and brings profound healing.

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Through channeling powerful lines of energy, Meg’s work goes through you without even the physical touch involved. She was able to reach me at a cellular level helping me to make connections between symptoms,  emotions and  memory loads stuck within my bodily systems. The improvement that followed was also multi-dimentional.  She skillfully accompanies you to the most remote and buried sensations leading you to insightful associations beyond space and time. I feel ultra safe in her presence and I also appreciate her humble manners as a healer. She has the strength of gentleness and the power of letting herself be the instrument of the healing energies available and present at any given moment. ”


Innerchild/Emotional Healing

For many of us there are unresolved emotions sitting in our energy systems from times when we were not able to express ourselves or resolve a situation adequately. These pockets of unresolved or blocked emotions block up the flow of energy within us which can lead to dis ease, pain, depression, anxiety, depleted energy, or difficulties in relationship, health or in an area of life.

Innerchild/Emotional Healing helps us with –

  • Reconnection with and re-parenting of the innerchild
  • Healing unresolved issues from childhood
  • Release and harmonising of unexpressed emotions
  • Clearing of negative programs and patterns
  • Addressing and healing current relationship/work/life problems

It reconnects us with our innate playfulness and joyful nature which in turn cultivates vitality and zest for life.

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High Vibrational Energy Healing – Holy Spirit

A powerful vibration of energy that has been coming through me since the year 2000. It first started coming through for the planet when my system began awakening to its soul purpose of planetary healer. I would feel it descend from a place  high up above my head and then travel down through me and out the souls of my feet into the earth as it spread as deep and as wide as I could feel.  I associate it with the Holy Spirit because it comes through like a wind and is like a blanket healing that transforms any negative or distorted energy to its original essence of unconditional love. It comes through when I work individually with people or in group situations to help clear negative or blocked energy through all the levels of the energy field. Its pupose is to trasform and lift the vibration of planet and all beings.

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Divine Feminine Energy Healing

This beautiful vibration of energy is another form of high vibrational energy, though different in its essence to the High Vibrational Energy described above. This vibration of healing energy is very gentle, exquisitely loving, incredibly powerful and profound in its healing effects. It feels like the pure energy of divine Mother that just loves us beyond all understanding.  I have witnessed phenomenal healing occurring when this energy is activated. It is a honour to work with this aspect, and I can only feel incredibly humbled when this energy comes through.

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Pre Birth Energy Healing & Ailgnment

For Mums to Be – These sessions are a beautiful way to prepare for the birth of your new one and to assist you and baby to feel as connected and relaxed as possible. The session includes tuning into your energy field and the energy of the child to clear anything that may be in the way of an easy, flowing birthing process for both of you. There may be patterning in the ancestral line or old energetic structures in the soul line that can be cleared and harmonised allowing for a clearer passage.

The souls coming to the planet at this time from the higher vibratory realms will often benefit from some subtle energy healing to assist their systems to adjust to and integrate the heavier frequencies that they will encounter as they journey into physical form. This can help to overt trauma as they make their way through the birthing process

We can also work through any emotional issues that are surfacing for you and assist you to prepare on all levels for the birth of your baby.

Energy Reading, Clearing & Balancing the Energy Field

An Energy Reading involves scanning the body, including the energy bodies to discover where there is blockage, disharmony, or distortions of the energy field. We will then explore what may be causing these disruptions and working with channeled energy and, or breathing techniques in combination with some tapping or reprogramming to clear and harmonise the system.

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Transformational Breathwork & Energy Healing

This is a session to have when you are really ready to shift something major in your life. Perhaps something that has been a long standing negative pattern or blocked emotion that has not been resolved in any other way. In this session we use a powerful type of breathwork to bring to the surface any blocked energy that is causing disruption to your experience of life. It will also involve energy work, possibly innerchild or other processes mentioned here to clear and resolve the problems. This is an extended session and you need to allow at least 2 hours and maybe more for the process to be complete. The cost is $150 for up to 2 hrs and pro rata after that if we need longer.

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Crystal Grid & Sound Healing

This is a combination of the placing of crystals on or around the body and the use of pure vibrational sound of crystal bowls and other music and sound designed to heal and harmonise. A beautiful, relaxing , restoring and powerfully healing experience. i often include this in a healing session as a way of integrating other work and allowing the body and being to rest., relax and open to the healing energies.

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Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs

We all carry subconscious programming from childhood and sometimes soul level, that drives us in certain ways, sometimes beneficial, sometimes not. The purpose of reprogramming is to recognise the subconscious programming that is directing our lives in less than beneficial ways, making it difficult for us to create the life we choose to have, and to change these programs to create the things we want eg health, happiness, abundance, love, joy, etc.

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Quantum Light Healing

These sessions/transmissions of High Vibrational Energy will assist you to upgrade to the next level of higher dimensional reality that we are all in the process of shifting to. Here are some of the possible benefits that can happen during or following this session

  • Downloading of any relevant information, templates, blueprints and frequencies that are ready to be integrated into your system as part of the shift to your higher dimensional self

  • Awakening and integration of your light/star body system if not already operational

  • Assistance with the building of the Crystaline Light Body Structure – the new physical form of semi solid light body

  • Clearing old patterns, programs, beliefs that are not in alignment with your higher vibratory self

  • Release and clearing of old emotional backlog from your physical-energy body to make way for your higher vibratory self to ground in your physicality and create the changes in your body, life and the world around you to match the shift in energy

  • Alignment with your soul’s light, purpose and wisdom

  • Bringing Light and healing to any issue, situation or difficulty

  • Raising your Vibration for greater health, vitality and happiness

Light/Star Body Activation & Integration

Activation of Light – Star Body

Bringing awareness and connection to your Light-Star being and assisting you to ground and integrate this aspect of your vibration in this dimension.

As we awaken to the consciousness of ourselves as light star beings (the expanded version of our energy system), life becomes very different. We truly start to live from the knowing of ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience. Life purpose becomes recognisable and achievable. The limited thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves as physical beings begin to drop away and we experience ourselves as much more and capable of many things previously thought of as impossible.

This work can assist you in this process of growing into more of who you truly are, your divine and holy beingness.

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