Loving Earth – Earth Day Every Day

Loving Earth

It was so lovely to see and feel the showerings of love on Mother Earth on Friday 22nd of April – EARTH DAY. I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t know before hand it was Earth Day, but I could feel the energy surge on the planet that day with humanity showing its love and gratitude for the Earth.
Lets face it – what mother doesn’t love it when her children say thanks.
It inspired me to write this blog and to float the idea out there that we make everyday EARTH DAY. It really doesn’t take much to spend some time giving thanks to this beautiful amazing being who gives so much to us everyday.
Here are some simple ideas to make every day EARTH DAY
  • First thing in the morning before you start your daily routine. Take a moment to look outside and appreciate the earth around you. Feel it, Bless it, Love it.
  • As you go throughout your day, be aware of the earth around you. If you are walking to the bus or train, notice the trees and plants on the way, even if it is a tiny flower poking through the concrete. Say a silent thankyou as you pass them.
  • Be aware of the sounds of nature anytime during your day. Take a moment to appreciate the song of a bird, the sound of the rain, the wind in the trees.
  • Spend some time in the sun, on some grass, connecting physically with the earth
There are a million zillion ways to appreciate this beautiful planet. Find what works for you. You will find that adding this dimension to your day brings you more joy, less stress and a sense of belonging and connection to something greater.
Happy Earth Days xx

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