Earth Angel - distance healing via Skype

Skype Consultations

Skype – Phone – Distance Healing Sessions with Meg

Please phone or email to arrange an appointment or to discuss further details.

0414 833 096


Through channeling powerful lines of energy, Meg’s work goes through you without even the physical touch involved. She was able to reach me at a cellular level helping me to make connections between symptoms, emotions and memory loads stuck within my bodily systems. The improvement that followed was multi-dimensional and deeply transforming – Louise

Standard session

1 hr plus

Extended session

1hr 30mins

Short session

approx 30mins

Your first session would need to be a Standard or Extended unless otherwise organised with Meg.

Please note: I am very conscious of challenging financial situations that many are experiencing at the moment and i am happy to work in harmony with your financial flow. Just let me know and we can work out an amount that honours both.