So what does it mean for the feminine energy to take the reigns of our way of being?

So what does it mean for the feminine energy to take the reigns of our way of being?

My understanding is that we will see, (we are already seeing), a shift in priorities of what is important to us. For example the earth and environment take a much needed jump in priority. So too will the importance of family life and community minded living. Already many people are opting for a simpler life that makes time for quality lifestyle, such as having time with children, a better balance of work and relaxation time,  leaving behind the hectic pace of overwork and squeezing as much in as possible.

There is a shift from an “every man for himself attitude” to one of “what is for the highest good of all.” We are seeing this in the form of community funded projects, environmental and ethical issues that are being addressed with help from the social media and fuelled by people power. No longer can the “big man” at the top rule the day. There is too much transparency for corruption and questionable motives to be allowed to distort the natural flow and inherent goodness that is our true nature.

This is very different to the feminist movement, which was largely about women stepping into the man’s world. This for the most part meant they had to masculinise, which meant they had to to some extent, shut down their nautral feminine impulses. Though this is seemingly a negative aspect of the feminist movement it was part of a necessary step to where we are going now. It has seen women strengthen and grow in confidence and personal power. It has also asked women to find a more balanced inner environment, where they have had to juggle both the feminine nurturing role and the masculine breadwinner role. No small task. And many, many women have achieved this miraculously and powerfully. Now it is time to transform the man’s world to a more balanced world where the feminine can exist more comfortably and naturally in her softness, her generosity and her grace. This will allow men also and the world to shift into a less hostile, competitive, aggressive inner and outer environment and will guide us all into a more harmonious place where feminine and masculine come together in unity and live in harmony. This can only be a good thing for us all.

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