Terrorism can only be healed by love

Terrorism will not be defeated by a war on terrorism. Terrorism will only be dissolved by Love. Not love as in being encouraged or praised or allowed to go unchecked. But the unconditional Love of a parent who continues to love the child who has stepped out of line.
Those who partake in terrorism must be loved. This is the only way to
completely dismantle this distorted aspect of our humanity. I say ours because, in truth we are all one. Therefore we are all in this together.
This may be an uncomfortable concept, but it is also an empowering one. Because if we are all one, and if we can really grasp what this means, we then have the ability to respond, ie take responsibility for our part. And then we can and we will heal it. And by heal it I mean completely dismantle the energetic pattern of terrorism in the human collective consciousness, bringing all aspects back to their original form of pure unconditional love. This will create a different reality.
Our prayers rightly are being directed towards those who have lost loved ones and those who have been injured or effected in anyway AND our prayers also need to go to those who have strayed so far form Love that they plan and perform such acts of violence. Beaming Love at them can only have one effect and that is to guide them to a better place.
I realise this is a big ask for many people and especially to anyone closely involved, but for those of us who can grasp this concept, and who have some distance from the direct trauma, it will serve humanity and all those involved to engage and respond in a loving way.
We are all one.
Hatred will not be healed by hatred. It can only be healed by Love.
For more information on these principles look at Ho opono opono, an ancient Hawaiian technique for creating peace. See an article here



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